Magic Moment

PtownWinter1Brief and brilliant winter day.  Dark and mystical frozen night.  Inspiration to poets, lovers and dreamers.  Wandering the lustrous landscape of long winter’s nights finding frozen forests and fields.


Wandering Mugs – Wandering People – Wandering Spirits

Stories of mugs and their wanderings can be posted here

Thoughts, queries and questions can be explored and shared.

Participate in positive, provocative, peaceful play

Utopian absurdity of peace and sister/brotherhood can challenge the existing absurdity of hate, anger, war misogyny and racism.  Wandering mugs, people and spirits travel in playful peaceful manner seeking ways to cultivate greater harmony, sharing and compromise on our shared planet.

This site is a sister site to the longer established  Visit the above to view the wandering of the mugs and their companion persons.